Oct 292014

11-12-06 Chair&settee raisers comb The client has a lounge suite with unusual round and rectangular legs and a commercial solution could not be found. Morris & Alexander components were obtained, modified with plates and two chairs and a settee were raised as shown.

Bristol Panel Ref. 11\12-06

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Oct 212014

1-13-03 arm support combo

The client plays an Autoharp but suffers from neck and shoulder problems which means she cannot maintain the playing position for long. An arm support was constructed using a strong drummers stand and an office chair arm support RH Logic 300, 8R3D which allows multiple freedom of movements whilst supporting the arm.

Bristol REMAP case ref. 1\14-03

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Oct 212014

6-13-06 ipad stand small The client suffers from poor hand coordination and uses a tablet PC a lot. He needed a strong support to stop shake and which could be folded away after use. A swinging arm support was constructed using aluminium tubing and “Kee Clamp” fittings.

Bristol REMAP case ref. 6\13-06

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Oct 212014

2-14-07 gas fire ignition small

The client could not exert enough force with her hands to operate her gas fire ignition control. A wall mounted device on sliding rails was made which enabled  her to operate the control by using the weight of her body on a large handle.

Bristol REMAP case ref. 2\14-07

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Oct 212014

7-13-03 skateboard combo

The client has suffered a stroke and has a weakness in his right arm. He is undergoing physiotherapy which stimulates his right arm but cannot find a suitable large skateboard to support his arm during treatment. Remap Bristol designed a custom board using commercial floating ball units giving easy movements in the horizontal plane.

Bristol REMAP ref. 7\13-03

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Oct 212014

Nursecall-small The client suffers from severe paralysis and has difficulty in attracting the attention of a nurse. Bristol REMAP has designed a chin operated call switch which the client has to press 3 times in a 5 second window. This should eliminate false calls due to normal movement.


Bristol Panel ref. 9\14-05

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Oct 212014

The client can only operate the TV remote control with knuckles which presents difficulties with a conventional control. A special Control Box was made with large buttons.

Bristol Panel ref. 5\14-075-14-07 TV controlsmall

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Oct 212014
Pedals in natural positions
Pedal rotated to show fixing method
A 4 year old child with spina bifida has difficulty keeping her feet on the pedals of her bicycle.  Commercial pedal clips are only available in adult sizes.

Straps were added to the existing pedals. The metal parts provide counterweights to ensure the pedals naturally sit with the straps upwards.

Berks Panel Job BK 2014/35.


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Oct 172014

Client was not able to hold a cup (even with a spout) to drink. He is also unable to manage a drinking straw.
A Spill proof KCup (Kennedy Cup) with screw lid and a L’il Sucker cup holder was purchased.
Holes were drilled in the lid of the cup to take two flexible plastic tubes. An Accoson bulb and valve (as used on a blood pressure measuring sphygmanometer) was fitted to one end of one tube. The other end of that tube was inserted in the hole in the lid with the end above the level of liquid in the cup.
The other tube was inserted in the lid such that it was fully immersed in the liquid.
Because the client suffered from involuntary clamping of his teeth this tube was reinforced.
By squeezing the bulb the drink is forced out of the other tube which when held in the mouth supplies a controlled amount of the drink. (See Photos) The hand pumped delivery was more controllable than a powered pump.
The cup holder prevents tipping of the cup.Cup and pump

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