Sep 042014


is an air cured mouldable silicone rubber putty which remains useable for about an hour after opening the sealed package. It sets fully in about 24hrs.  It can easily be formed by hand as it does not slump has a wealth of ideas on how it can be used. 

Sugru very kindly make periodic supplies of near out of storage life Sugru available to Remap at no cost so any Remap member wanting to make anything from this very useful material should contact the national office to see if any is available.


Ooloo is not a Sugru substitute but a home made soft setting mouldable and castable silicone rubber clay made using silicone acetoxy sealant and corn flour.  The sealant is commonly available as translucent sealant in normal compression tubes – you need the version that smells of Vinegar (acetic acid).  It’s main advantage is that if you need soft rubber blocks it is cheap.

Instructions are at but despite the name it isn’t a Sugru substitute but a cheap way of making soft silicone shapes.  Sugru is far stronger when set and resembles a semi hard rubber rather than the soft oogoo.

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