Sep 292014

A client has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, affecting her finger functioning and grip. She also suffers with angina and so needs to use a Nitromin spray, but cannot operate the rather small spraycan due to her arthritis. We built a spraycan holder that is big enough for her to grip in one hand while operating the spray using the palm of her other hand. She can now apply the spray with ease, whenever required.

South Bucks Panel Job BU/2009/001

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Sep 282014

Maria in room Communication aid and mount

Maria, a resident at the Scope Birchwood residential care home in Chesham, has no significant movement ability and is unable to speak clearly due to cerebral palsy. Wheelchair bound during the day, Maria uses an electronic communication aid to control equipment in her room, including lights, heating and TV; the device can also be used to access a mobile phone. She operates the device using her left knee — the part of her body over which she has greatest control — to activate a pressure switch.

Although the communication aid has text/symbol-to-speech capability, Maria sometimes finds it easier to communicate with regular visitors and Birchwood staff by pointing at a communication chart attached to her wheelchair tray. To make this easier, Remap designed and fitted a plastic mounting to secure the communication aid at the back of the tray, so Maria can use both the chart and the aid at the same time.

Maria outside

South Bucks Panel


Sep 262014

Brake balance bar Single-hand bike brakes med Bicycle with single-hand brakes med

An eight-year-old boy, born with no fingers on his right hand, can ride a bicycle without problems – right up to the point when he needs to apply both brakes at once! Remap engineers designed and fitted this “balance bar” that lets him activate both brakes from a single lever.

South Bucks Panel Job BU/2013/014

Sep 102014
std foam dispenser
Aerosol with foam cap 
Standard stem 
… with cap removed and valve stem exposed.
trigger fitted

Button spray nozzle and trigger gun fitted. The elastic band (kindly donated by Royal Mail) holds the lever up for ease of use.

The client suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has great difficulty in using aerosols.

Investigation showed that the aerosols in use had a combined spray  nozzle and cap and this complex shape was the main reason for their being hard to use. If the cap is removed, the valve and valve stem that are exposed are fairly standard and a simple button spray nozzle can be fitted to the valve stem in its place.  This can then be operated by a commercially available spray trigger gun (as sold in car spares shops for spray paint cans) which clips around the crimp seam between the body and the valve.  By having a selection of simple standard spray nozzles and several trigger guns, most aerosols can be adapted by the client to be easily operated.

Understanding the underlying issues and re-purposing a readily available tool were all that was needed to provide an elegantly simple solution. The rubber band was Remap’s only technical innovation.

The client can now operate all her current aerosols and has been provided with the skills to be able to use the new aerosol styles that will be encountered in the future.


Berks Panel Job BK2010/19 (and similar job BK2014/34).

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Sep 082014
The existing shower with folding seat

View showing basic construction

RollerBed&Frame  Roller bed and seat frame

Locking latch & leg support

Finished sliding seat (on dummy legs)
Installed in the shower cubicle

The client has very limited movement in his right leg.  A means of aiding his transfer in/out of the shower was required that avoids his right foot getting caught on the shower tray.   This would be a short term solution until a wet room is built.

The shower cubicle is quite large and rectangular, but the door hinge arrangement reduces the width of the access in the fully open position. It has a folding seat fixed to the left hand wall and a hand rail on each side wall. To enter the shower, the client needs to support himself on the hand rails and his ‘good’ leg, and somehow drag the other leg into the cubicle.

Various rail systems were considered, but the availability of a recycled roller conveyor formed the basis of the sliding seat. The seat is made from marine ply with an aluminium plate forming the rolling surface. Steel channel sections with nylon rollers provide the torsional resistance when the seat extended beyond the roller conveyor support.

The roller conveyor is fixed to the back wall of the shower and the front ‘leg’ is a combination of vertical leg and a horizontal fixing to the side wall. This allows it to be fitted as close to one side of the cubicle as possible, so that, when seated, there is still be room for the client’s legs as the seat moved in through the door opening.

A locking latch is fitted to the seat movement so that it is locked in the outer position and does not move while the client is either sitting down or standing up from the seat. This lock automatically engages (by gravity) when the seat is moved against an end stop.

As the seat moves inwards, the roller bed is exposed. To protect the client’s legs, a thick canvas ‘apron’, attached to the seat, is pulled up over the rollers as the seat moves backwards. It is weighted at its free end to ensure it rolls back as the seat moves forward again.

Detailed operating instructions were provided on laminated card to be kept close to the shower for the use of all carers.

Berks Panel Job BK 2014/26.

Locking latch and leg

Seat fully extended out of the cubicle

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Sep 042014


is an air cured mouldable silicone rubber putty which remains useable for about an hour after opening the sealed package. It sets fully in about 24hrs.  It can easily be formed by hand as it does not slump has a wealth of ideas on how it can be used. 

Sugru very kindly make periodic supplies of near out of storage life Sugru available to Remap at no cost so any Remap member wanting to make anything from this very useful material should contact the national office to see if any is available.


Ooloo is not a Sugru substitute but a home made soft setting mouldable and castable silicone rubber clay made using silicone acetoxy sealant and corn flour.  The sealant is commonly available as translucent sealant in normal compression tubes – you need the version that smells of Vinegar (acetic acid).  It’s main advantage is that if you need soft rubber blocks it is cheap.

Instructions are at but despite the name it isn’t a Sugru substitute but a cheap way of making soft silicone shapes.  Sugru is far stronger when set and resembles a semi hard rubber rather than the soft oogoo.

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Sep 042014

As well as Polycaprolactone and Sugru there are a number of mouldable plastics and foam sheets used by therapists which can be used to make padding or particular shapes.  As with many substances aimed at the medical market these can be very expensive and there are often much cheaper commercial/industrial substances available with similar properties.

Rolyan putty
Mouldable foam – Direct to body is a two component putty like material used to reduce scarring after surgery or some burns.  Remap would never be involved in using it for its intended purpose of medical treatment but it may have other applications.  It costs about £110 per kg so either Sugru or Oogoo would be cheaper alternatives.

Block foams such as Plastazote thermoplastic foam are commonly seen supporting injured limbs and again, although Remap would not get involved in using these materials for therapeutic purposes they have other uses.  Off cuts can often be obtained from orthopaedic departments.

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Sep 042014

Non-slip materials sheet materials include soft flexible sheets or formed shapes designed to hold plates in place or help grip jars when removing lids.  Rigid sheets are more usually used on things such as ramps. 

Dycem produce a range of non-slip soft plastic sheet and grip aids.

Anti slip sheets and tapes designed to make floor surfaces non-slip are commonly used in industry and there are many suppliers such as

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