Jul 282014
Trolley with double bass


Trolley dismantled 

A disabled music student struggled to move her double bass to her classes.  A collapsible trolley was made from re-cycled aluminium crutches.  The neck of the double bass acts as the handle of the trolley when in use.

Berks Panel Job BK 2005/18.


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Jul 272014
Footrest The client is unable to reach down to release her wheelchair footrests to allow them to be rotated out of the way.

Replacement footrests were bought from the manufacturer that use a vertical push release.  The release button has been extended so that it is within reach of the client and a second lever added to allow the client to rotate the footrest.  This is duplicated on both footrests.

Berks Panel Job BK 2009/16.


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Jul 272014
Tap operator
Bath tap operator

Bathplug operator
Bath plug operator

Bathplug operator end
Bath plug operator lower end

The client is unable to bend sufficiently to operate the taps and plug while sitting in her bath.

A tap operator was made out of 22mm chromed steel pipe with a ring at one end to engage with the lever-operated taps.

The operator for the plug was made from 22mm plastic pipe.  The lower end is fixed to the plug.  The upper end is fixed, via D-shaped piping, to the bath taps with stainless steel clips (normally used for storing tools) which has sufficient flexibility to allow the plug to be opened and closed.

Berks Panel Job BK 2009/19.


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Jul 272014
TREADMILL unmodified
Unmodified treadmill

side rail
Side rail

A child needs to exercise on a treadmill but currently, his parents must hold him to provide support and stability.   Side rails have been clamped to the existing treadmill so he can support himself.

Berks Panel Job BK 2011/28.


top bracket 

Top bracket 

bottom bracket 

Bottom bracket

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Jul 262014


The client was concerned that drips from the catheter bag hung on the side of his bed would stain the carpet.

A small plastic tray was purchased and clipped to the bag support stand with fold-back clips.

Berks Panel Job BK 2011/17.


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Jul 262014
The car before modification …
… and after
A terminally ill child with Cockayne Syndrome wants to be able to play in her own toy car, but her disproportionately long legs means she cannot use a standard one.  A donated Little Tykes car was sourced through Freecycle and modified to increase its height by 90mm and length by 200mm to suit.  A seat belt was added.

Berks Panel Job BK 2011/31.


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Jul 262014
2005-21 Deblisterer mk 2a
Other similar designs…
2002-22 Deblisterer mk 2
1996-65 Deblisterer mk 1
Owing to arthritis, the client is unable to remove his arthritis tablets from their foil blister pack wrapping.  The blister pack is placed onto the platform with one tablet lined up with the plunger.  Pressing the plunger forces the tablet out of its wrapping into the container below.

Other similar designs have been made over the years.

Berks Panel Job BK 2005/21.


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Jul 242014
Finished toilet seat_01
Completed seat back in position.
Seatback fittings_01
SS parts and one of the two webbing straps.

Client requires support to maintain an upright position on her Geberit toilet at home. The style of the toilet means that the commercial toileting support systems cannot attach in the normal way (using the screws that secure the toilet seat on) because they would interfere with the toilet’s self-cleaning and drying functions.

The slatted seat back is attached to the pre-existing wall-mounted handrails by 22 dia. SS support poles with marine-grade end fittings.  It is easily removed or adjusted with thumbscrews or quick-release pins.  Two webbing restraining straps (only one shown) at chest and waist height hold the client in position.

A head rest can be fitting in the future, if required.

The client can now be toileted in a dignified and safe manner.


Berks Panel Job BK 2012/06


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Jul 112014
Mattress spacer


This elderly client required a spacer to fill a gap in her mattress. She had been supplied with a pressure-reducing mattress topper, which (strangely) was 6″ too long for a standard double-bed.

Normally, this would not cause too much of a problem, but the client had balance problems and she perched on the end of the bed to get dressed. On several occasions, she had fallen off the end of the bed, because the topper was made from very floppy foam which hung over the edge of the bed and gave her no support. We were not permitted to cut the mattress topper as it had been provided by the Council services.


The solution to her problem was to pull the ‘normal’ mattress 6″ down the bed which gave plenty of support to the topper at foot of the bed. This left a gap at the head end, into which the pillows sank. An infill was needed.


Solid polystyrene was considered, but rejected due to concerns over fire risk. A simple, lightweight, plywood box was constructed.


The infill cured the problem.

(East Suffolk, SF2432, July 2014)

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Jul 072014
Exercise bar for standing exercises


The Leg Exerciser folds flat for storage or transport.

SF2367_6 SF2367_5 SF2367_4

To use, raise the frame to the vertical position and secure with the bolts and wingnuts. The bar adjusts from 22cm to 50cm in height. Adjust to a comfortable level below knee height and secure with the four bolts and wingnuts.

SF2367_3 SF2367_2
Place the Exerciser on a non slip surface and wear non slip footware. Stand as shown and with the bar supporting the lower leg, move your weight forward to exercise the upper leg muscles then return to a normal stance, repeat as directed. Use an adjacent support such as a table or worktop to aid balance.

(East Suffolk, SF2367, June 2012)


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