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As a Charity and a limited company Remap is governed by two main documents.  Our Articles of Association and our Operations Manual.

Articles of Association

The “Articles of Association” sets out the legal standing of the company as a company limited by guarantee.  It also contains our “Charitable Objects”, the purpose for which we exist and the boundaries within which we must operate.  The Articles of Association cannot easily be altered and any alteration requires the support of the voting members of Remap (the Panels).  Most members will not normally need to read this document.

Operations Manual

The Operations Manual is our working document and contains our operating rules and procedures as well as guidance on many aspects of panel operations.  All panel members should read at least Part A of the manual which contains the mandatory rules for Remap members.

These two documents can be downloaded in pdf format using the links below :-

Articles of Association Click Here

Operations Manual – please note this is currently under review and will be posted up shortly.

While the Articles are not usually altered frequently the Operations Manual is updated regularly.  If you have any suggestions for alterations please send them to the Remap CEO.

Additional Sources of Information

Details of many past jobs and articles of general interest to Remap members are contained within the Remapedia.  Past newsletters and requests for help from panels on jobs can be found in the Remap Newsletter .  If you want to post requests for assistance to the newsletter please contact the national office.

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