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This guidance applies to all photographs taken after 1 Oct 2008

This guidance applies to photographs, including filming and sound recording of Remap clients where the images are to be made generally available (for example in pamphlets, Panel presentations, web sites, Job Reports) and identifiable individuals are in the photographs as the focus of the image.  If photographs are being taken in a public place and co-incidentally include others in the background no release or permission is required from these people whether or not they are identifiable.

In the UK there is no legal restriction on photographing individuals but both as a matter of courtesy to the individual, and as a commercial requirement before photographs can be used for publicity, permision to use the photographs must be obtained.  Therefore, before taking any photographs including individuals as the focus of the picture you should seek formal permission from those being photographed.  This permission is obtained using the “Model Release” form attached (named after it’s use in commercial model photography such as fashion or advertising).  This is a variant of the form used in UK Commercial and NHS photography and is intended to ensure the client knows their picture may be made publicly available (albeit never with personal identifying details such as their full name and address) and is happy for this to happen.

If they do not wish to give this permission you can still use any photographs for Panel records but they must be clearly identified as being non-releasable.  It is the Panels responsibility to protect such images from dissemination outside the Panel.

Other than for formal matters marked as “confidential”, such as complaints investigations, you must assume that any photograph which passes from the Panels immediate control may be published and will require a Model Release.

  • A parent or guardian’s permission is needed for any photographs of children or adult clients who may not be able to give informed consent.
  • Keep records of all permissions.
  • Use photographs only in accordance with the permission granted.
  • If the photographs are leaving your control (for example being passed to Head Office) include a copy of the release form.

You can download the client permision form from HERE

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