Mar 312014

Cooker fenceDaniel is a hyperactive boy who tries to touch saucepans and the hot exposed sides of the cooker and attempts to open the oven door.

A frame was made with hinged panels covering the exposed sides and the oven door. A fence was provided round the cooker top. A transparent hinged covered the knobs allowing Daniel’s mother to see them easily.

The result is complete safety for Daniel, and freedom for his mother to leave the kitchen and carry out other tasks.

Caithness, Sutherland & Orkney

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Mar 312014

Cooker controlsThe client has severe arthritis in her hands and had extreme difficulty in operating the knobs on her oven and hob since they were round and smooth and difficult to grip. The client required controls which she could grip which would not make her arthritic pain worse.

For the hob, thimble shaped plastic sleeves were made, the tapered bore locking on to the existing knobs. Each was fitted with an 8mm thick Perspex cross piece which the client could grip effectively. A small rivet was fitted to the front of each extension to indicate the ‘off’ position. The same principle was applied to the oven knobs, though these did not require an ‘off’ indicator.

The client is now able to use the cooker controls without difficulty and is pleased with the neat appearance of the extensions.

Lincoln & District

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Mar 312014

Controls on ScooterThe client was unable to operate the hand controls on her scooter due to severe arthritis, nor could she turn her head to look left or right, e.g to cross a road.

The control difficulty was solved by interchanging the left and right hand functions. The inability to look to the left and the right was solved by installing a small TV monitor above the handlebars (but facing the rider at all times) and a camera, which rotated in sympathy with the handlebars. Power was derived from the scooter batteries.

The client is now able to use the scooter because the controls had been reconfigured and because she could look to left and right by appropriately rotating the handlebars.

Leeds and Bradford

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Mar 312014

Concealed grab handleClients are often reluctant to have their disability advertised by the fitting of grab handles at the front door. In this case it was possible to fit a handle hinged behind the wall so that it could be swung out into the opening when required.

The clients have the security of a grab handle without advertising their disability to all.


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Mar 312014

Computer supportThe client is restricted to lying on his back. He also has extremely poor eyesight, yet he wished to use his computer.

The flat computer screen was mounted on a trolley mounted arm so it would hang over the client’s face with the main CPU and other controls on the base of the trolley. The whole unit could be wheeled into position by the carers.

The client is now able to communicate with family and friends.

West Kent
WK 697

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Mar 312014

Computer game helpThe client has very limited movement in his body. The wish was to encourage him to use his hands and wrist as much as possible. He liked driving cars on a computer game but could not hold the steering wheel in the usual way. The next step may be to try to get him to use his feet on the brake and accelerator.

A very simple mounting was made for the computer game “steering wheel” which, combined with a universal joint (provided by the residential home where he lives), supports the steering wheel where he can use it.

Now he is driving everyone round the bend!

West Kent
WK 736

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Mar 312014

Computer aidThe client has very poor control of her hands and uses a pencil to press the keys of her computer. Her hand tends to drag over and activate keys not required.

A wooden support on small casters was made so that the client’s hand could rest on the base board. A large work surface is required to give the necessary movement. The client can now operate the computer on her own.


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Mar 312014

Commode trolleyThis young woman, weighing 30 kg, has a commode trolley with a specially shaped cradle inclined at a fixed angle. The angle of inclination needed to be varied so that the client would be more towards a sitting position. The existing cradle was also too high above the toilet.

The existing trolley was in two halves; the top section with the cradle, fitted rigidly into the lower part. A new lower wheeled section was made to support the cradle and designed to permit the cradle to fit as far over the toilet as possible. The existing top half was fitted with a hinged arrangement at one end. A small car jack was fitted, and modifications made to control the rate of descent.

The client and physiotherapist were both pleased with the new arrangement. The new trolley has proved to be a success.

Essex West

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Mar 312014

Commode toilet seatThe client has an older type commode seat which had become uncomfortable and difficult to use.

A plastic toilet seat was obtained and fitted to the frame.

The client has an improved level of comfort.

Perthshire & Kinross

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Mar 312014

Commode stabiliserThe client was in severe pain when using commode and rocked violently, braking all commercial products in a few days.

A second base was used to prevent tilting & attached to frame as seen.

The family are pleased, and the commode remains intact.


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