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Registered Charity No. 1000456

Welcome to the web site of REMAP in South Hertfordshire.

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What is REMAP?

REMAP is a charity which makes free gadgets, aids and devices for people both  young and old who have various disabilities. 

REMAP was  formed in 1964 by  Pat Johnson, an engineer working for ICI at their Billingham plant.   The story of the start of REMAP can be found here.

REMAP use the skills of experienced mechanical, electrical, electronic and computing professionals to design and makes technical aids, devices and equipment for  people of all ages and disabilities to use in their homes, schools, play areas and the workplace.

These devices are custom built to meet the specific mobility and communication needs of individuals and to improve their quality of life. Devices range from simple household items to help someone with arthritis through to complex electronic control systems.

REMAP operates nation-wide through a number of local teams known as “panels” the site you are you are looking at now is for the South Herts panel and we cover an area encompassing Watford, Elstree, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Tring.  You can find  your local panel by going here and entering the first part of your post code in the box at the top left of the page  (e.g. HP3)..

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If you are not sure if our panel covers your address don’t worry - get in touch and we will tell you who your local panel is or pass your request to the appropriate area if we don’t cover you.

The rest of this site explains how you can get in touch with us if you, or someone you know of, could benefit from our services.  It also shows some examples of our work and how you can join in and help.

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For your information, REMAP stands for "Rehabilitation Engineering Movement Advisory Panels". 

We don’t know what it means either!


What exactly do we do?

How do I get you to help me or someone I know?

Can I join your organisation?

How else can I help you?

REMAP national HQ page and some other REMAP Panels web pages


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